Monday, February 16, 2009

Child abduction

The internet has become both a danger and an aid in the subject of child abduction. It is a place where online predators have more opportunities to find and communicate with potential victims. 1 in 25 youth (about 4%) got "aggressive" sexual solicitations and that included attempts to contact the youth offline. These are the episodes most likely to result in actual victimizations. (About one-quarter of these aggressive solicitations came from people the youth knew in person, mostly other youth.)Because of the threat these predators pose, there have also been efforts to use the internet as a resource to prevent child abduction or to help the families of those who have been abducted.Organizations have set up websites where users can go to gain knowledge or contribute help to stopping child abduction. Among these are the organizations Enough is Enough and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which have partnered with the online community myspace to help keep the internet a safe place for children. In addition to donating new database technology to Sentinel Tech that enables websites to locate, remove and block convicted sex offenders, Myspace is also a sponsor of Enough Is Enough 's Internet Safety 101:Empowering Parents Program.Myspace also features pages and groups dedicated to helping find missing children.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

my favourite past time

            Life is like wheel. Sometime up and sometime down. Everything is happen in your life can also call a moment. I’m also has a my favourite past time.

            My favourite past time is 12 years ago. When i got a little brother. I feel so happy because i’m not alone anymore and has a friend at home because before this only i at home with my mother and my father. My little brother name is Afif and now he is 12 years old, he is a handsome boy and so cute me and my family call him ‘adik’ because he only a little one sibling i had. I come from a small family it only my father and my mother and me and my little brother. Everyone at home pampered to him.

            Everything we make together and also can share our problem to each other. My father and my mother fair with me and my little brother. When i know my mom is pregnant i’m a one person feel so very happy no word can describe how i feel at that time. I’m so interested to got a little baby.

            I love my brother too much and i promise with myself to take care my brother as well as i can. That is my favourite past time when i got a little brother in my life.